“Thank you for your special blend of hitting the nail on the head with the gentleness of a feather!” KS.

“James and I wanted to let you know what a profound effect our sessions with you have had on us, both as a couple, and as individuals. We did not think it possible for our relationship to return to how it was when we first fell in love, almost 12 years ago. What we have now is much more than that, the same only much deeper. It feels fabulous! We cannot thank you enough for what you have taught us and how it has changed our lives.” J&R.

“Through working with Vicky I have succeeded in changing my whole perception of my situation and as a result have found happiness far beyond what I thought possible. I now have a wonderful fulfilling life, and a fabulous, loving and supportive relationship.” H.C.

“When Vicky came into our lives we were going through a low period in our relationship and felt we needed help… Vicky very quickly helped us see how truly we love and value each other… Vicky never took sides, and always created a calm, safe environment where you felt you could share absolutely everything.” D&M.

“It’s hard to define Vicky Van Praag in words but ‘absolute treasure’ comes pretty close! She has a knack of gently guiding you towards solutions, and teasing out truths you don’t realise are there. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.” LZ.


“Your help has been invaluable over the past couple of years. I have reached incredible, seemingly unattainable, goals that looked like mere words on paper when I wrote them down; now they are realities. I actually believe in my talents now. Your analysis is sharp and incisive, your methods are subtle yet insistent. Thank you, Vicky.” D.A.

“I can honesty say that your coaching has changed the course of my life. Before we met I was quite a negative and pessimistic person. I also thought I knew myself well, and was sure about the realities of life. You are profoundly insightful, and you revealed things to me, negative beliefs that were sabotaging my life! With you I have reached amazing goals, things I never believed I could achieve. I am watching my dreams come true, and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you from the depths of my heart.”M.P.

“Having left full-time employment to seek new adventures, I was getting nowhere and feeling depressed, until I met Vicky. She coached me to believing in my abilities and myself. By taking one step at a time and taking Vicky’s advice, I am now on the road that I have wanted to be on for many years. My great thanks to Vicky.” W.D.

“Vicky’s insights frequently astonish me, and they always come as a relief, delightful moments of recognition and clarity. She combines a solidly practical approach with imaginative flair. At the same time her support is grounded, focused and pragmatic. Vicky believes you can do it and she makes sure you find a plan to follow, breaking it down into straightforward, manageable tasks. I thoroughly recommend this process to anyone who wants to review, refresh or shake up their life-plan a little or a lot!” M.G.

“I have to say the life coaching sessions with Vicky have to be one of the most valuable and worthwhile investments I have ever made. At first I was a little sceptical about how coaching could help me. But, it has clearly made a big difference and I am so grateful. Vicky helped me realise my potential and has assisted me in regaining balance in my personal and working life. My relationship is back on track and my new business venture is going great! She helped me to see what I did not see.” M.S.

“Since working with Vicky, I haven’t looked back. I’ve managed to make huge changes, with absolute ease. Her coaching is like a roller coaster ride and when you get off, you’ve made the changes and adjustments that you always wanted to make. For those people who want to achieve results, Vicky is the coach for you.” FA.


“The support I have received from Vicky has been invaluable. When all I felt was misery and despair, she helped me find self worth and confidence. She has a knack of getting you to trust her 100% as a professional whilst at the same time feeling you have made a life long friend and confidante.” S.C.

“It’s so exciting that “my perfect life” is happening and becoming real… thank you for all your and support, it’s so brilliant to speak to you and your advice is invaluable. Love and infinite thanks for all your help and encouragement.” H.B.

“What a difference you have made to my life! Thank you so very much. It is difficult for me to express my gratefulness without using a cliché. Yes, you have changed my life. I don’t even know how but since having my sessions with you – I have started to believe in myself and even ‘dared to hope for things to happen in my life, and they are really happening! I now believe that I can be really happy and not settle for merely being okay. I only wish I would have met you before and not having had to endure being very miserable at times. I sincerely hope that many more people have to courage to get in touch with you. Thank you again Vicky.” L.M.

“When I first contacted Vicky I was at a very low point in my life, my self-esteem was non-existent and I had no concept of any good qualities about myself. All I could see were negatives and no way to climb out of this downward spiral of self-blame for everything that was happening to me and around me. Vicky’s ability to empathise with my situation and her obvious understanding of my problems were apparent from our very first conversation. She helped me to focus on accepting myself, recognising and appreciating my personal qualities and to also be kind and true to myself. My self-esteem has improved immensely. Without Vicky’s help and guidance and down to earth approach, I would still be fighting my gremlins (and losing!) and I am very grateful to her for her sincerity, encouragement, support and most of all her belief in me!” C.R